Classes & Instructors

2022 Classes – Stay Tuned!

Below are the class offerings from 2019 as an example of the types of classes at SMYC


All first year Michaelites must take the introductory courses marked Year 1.

All second year Michaelites must take the courses marked Year 2.

All other returning Michaelites may select one of the courses in each category marked as “Upper Year Choice”.


Year 1: (Instructor: The Rt. Rev’d  David Edwards) See through the Scriptures: a fascinating introduction to the New Testament.

Year 2: (Instructor: Fr. Terence Chandra) Who do you say that I am?:  How the Church came to understand the divinity of Jesus and why it’s essential for our lives.

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: Dr. Andrew Grant) “Why Abraham?  Why Me?”: How God has spoken with his people throughout our history and how we might hear God when he speaks to us today.

Upper Year Choice 2:  (Instructor:  Fr. Gerry Laskey) “Why do Bad things Happen to ‘good’ People or, Good things to ‘bad’ People?”: What the Book of Job tells us about the mystery of suffering and evil.


Year 1: (Instructor: The Rev’d Norman Dupuis & Fr. Allen Tapley)   I Believe!:  Find out the amazing things that the Creeds tell us about God, the world, and ourselves.

Year 2: (Instructor: Mrs Sue Careless) So just what is the Church: it’s more than just a building in the centre of town…but what exactly is it?

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: the Rev’d Dr. Ross Hebb) “Love is…?”: Using C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves as a guide, this class will explore what we love, when we love, how we love, and why we love.

Upper Year Choice 2: (Instructor: Mr. Samuel Landry)  “From Barns to Churches”:  How the Architecture of Bishop John Medley gives us a small glimpse of the architecture of Heaven


Year 1: (Instructor: Mrs. Sue Careless) Introduction to Prayer: how do we worship, know, and serve the God of heaven and earth?

Year 2: (Instructor: Fr.  Christopher Ketch ) Diving Into Baptism – Remembering the Waters in a Dry Land.

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: Fr. Rob Salloum) “When the Day of Pentecost came…” Who is the Holy Spirit? What does He do? How does He impact my life today? What are the gifts that God gives to us through His Holy Spirit?

Upper Year Choice 2: (Instructor: Fr. Caleb Twinamatsiko)  “Called to Lead”: How Christ calls and equips young people to be the Church.a, Uganda.

2019 Instructors


Mrs Sue Careless is a freelance journalist and photographer in Toronto and the author of
the series Discovering the Book of Common Prayer: A Hands-On Approach.


The Revd. Terence Chandra and his wife Jasmine are community priests working in the
Central Saint John Community Ministry.


The Revd. Norm Dupuis is a Deacon working in the Parish of Moncton.

Edwards 2

The Rt. Revd. David Edwards is the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Fredericton.


Dr. Andrew Grant is Head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Mount
Allison University, Sackville, NB and a Layreader in the Parish of Sackville


The Revd. Dr. Ross Hebb is the Rector of the Parish of St. Peter in Fredericton.

Ketch 2

The Rev’d Christopher Ketch is Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Kent


Mr. Samuel Landry is a student at the University of King’s College in Halifax,


The Revd. Gerald Laskey is the Rector of the Parish of Derby and Blackville, NB.

Salloum 2

The Revd. Rob Salloum is Priest-in-Charge of the Parishes of Hillsborough Riverside, St.
Andrew Sunny Brae, and St. Philip in the Moncton area.

Tapley 1

The Revd. Canon Allen Tapley is a retired priest in the Diocese of Fredericton


The Revd. Caleb Twinamatsiko is the Rector of the Parish of Pennfield.