2017 Classes


All first year Michaelites must take the introductory courses marked 1.

All second year Michaelites must take the courses marked 2.

All other returning Michaelites may select one of the courses in each category marked as “Upper Year Choice”.


Year 1: (Instructor: The Rt. Rev’d  David Edwards) See through the Scriptures: a fascinating introduction to the New Testament.

Year 2: (Instructor: Fr. Kevin Stockall) Patriarchs, Providence & Papyrus: an in-depth look at the Old Testament

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: Fr. Ranall Ingalls) The Apocalypse: Get into the book of the Bible that has confounded and inspired readers since the first century.

Upper Year Choice 2:  (Instructor: Fr. Gerry Laskey) “Blessed are the Cheesemakers???”:  The Hard Sayings of Jesus



Year 1: (Instructor: The Rev’d Norman Dupuis & Fr. Allen Tapley)  The Creeds of the Church: find out what we believe as Christians about God, the world, ourselves…

Year 2: (Instructor: Mrs Sue Careless) So just what is the Church: it’s more than just a building in the centre of town…but what exactly is it?

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: The Rev’d Dr. Ross Hebb) Life in the Early church (100-300):  get into the most important thinkers and writers the Church has ever known:  Patristics 101

Upper Year Choice 2: (Instructor: Dr. Andrew Grant) Must we Choose:   Discussions on Science and Faith


Year 1: (Instructor: Mrs. Sue Careless) Introduction to Prayer: how do we worship, know, and serve the God of heaven and earth?

Year 2: (Instructor: Fr. George Westhaver) Our Life in God, here and now: the Sacraments.

Upper Year Choice 1: (Instructor: Dr. Bruce Robertson) “So That in All Things God may be Glorified” – How a 6th century monk named Benedict saved western civilization and shaped our world.

Upper Year Choice 2: (Instructor: Fr. Chris Hayes) Pop in its Place:  the Church & Popular Music:  Church music has long been influenced by popular music but has never completely adopted musical trends:  Why?  Why not?

2017 Instructors

  • The Revd. Norman Dupuis is a Deacon working in the Parish of Moncton.
  • Mrs Sue Careless is a freelance journalist and photographer in Toronto and the author of the series  Discovering the Book of Common Prayer:   A Hands-on Approach.
  • The Rt. Revd. David Edwards is the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Fredericton.
  • Dr. Andrew Grant is Head of the  the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB and a Layreader in the Parish of Sackville.
  • The Revd. Chris Hayes is the Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Salisbury and Havelock and the Administrative Director of Choir School.
  • The Revd. Dr. Ross Hebb is the Rector of the Parish of St. Peter in Fredericton.
  • The Revd. Dr. Ranall Ingalls is the Rector of the Parishes of Sackville and Dorchester, NB.
  • The Revd. Gerald Laskey is the Rector of the Parish of Derby and Blackville, NB.
  • Dr. Bruce Robertson is an associate professor and head of the Classics Department at Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB and a Layreader in the Parish of Sackville.
  • The Revd. Kevin Stockall is the Rector of the Parish of St. Mary (York) in Fredericton.
  • The Revd. Allen Tapley is a retired priest in the Diocese of Fredericton.
  • Fr. George Westhaver is Principal of Pusey House and Fellow at St. Cross College, Oxford, UK.