Typical day

The chapel is the centre of conference life. Each day begins with Morning Prayer. Evening Prayer is also said daily, and Compline on some nights.

All students will participate in three morning classes according to what year they are in.   With a swimming pool and playing fiel on site, as well as trips to local recreational sites (e.g. Magic Mountain), there will be lots to do in the afternoon.   Sports will be an optional part of the programme.

Evenings are filled with games, events, “campfire”, skits, challenges, and evening worship.   Oh, yes, and bedtime snack!

Friday is a particularly special day, with dinner served by the staff and the presentation of medallions and icons.

Friday evening’s ‘Pageant of Our Redemption’ presented by the upper year Michaelites is a highlight of the week for both conferees and staff. The indoor campfire is also a Friday night favourite.

The Saturday morning Eucharist is a fitting conclusion to our week of study, worship and fellowship.