What is St Michael’s?

Based on a conference in Massachusetts of the same name, the Maritime conference was founded in 1987 by Fr John Paul Westin. Fr Kevin Stockall has been the director since 1994. The Saint Michael’s Youth Conference is a group of young people and leaders who come together to form a community. Through worship, study, discussion, recreation, and relaxation, the community seeks both a clearer vision of God in Jesus Christ and strength and power to serve God and His Church as Christian young people today.

St John the Divine in his Revelation pictures the conflict between the Archangel Michael and the fallen angel Satan. This is the continuing conflict between Christians and the very real power of evil. We are called to be soldiers and servants of Christ. Michael, as the leader of the heavenly hosts, is a good symbol for us as we seek to outfit ourselves with the armour of the Christian Gospel (Eph. 6:11-18).